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Neues Logo bei Immonet: Das Logo ist farbenfroher und auch im Font umgestellt. Der Nachmieter-Blog berichtete etwas ausführlicher hier.


Dry aged Steak – perfect taste

In some exclusive restaurants the staks age in coolers at a temperature of 34-38 degrees (F). The beef steak for four to six weeks. This makes them so tender and tastful. The flavor is fantastic – so if you ever have the chance to try or buy some dry aged steaks – do it.

Picture: Dry aged Steak

Lobles: „Aging produces beef that is naturally tender and flavorful. Nothing the cook does to add flavour in the kitchen is a substitute for starting with properly aged meat.“

Why are dry aged steaks expensive?

Dry aged steaks are made of the best prime beef  and need up to 6 weeks to dry an develope their flavour. During their aging-prozess, the beef loses 20-30% of weight – vacuum aged steak not.

Rumpsteak – tender

Here comes me blogpost about a very tender steak and some nice side dishes.

Picture: Hüftsteak zubereiten

Sirloin steak

Sirloin steak preparation can be compared with the preparation of beef steak. I had promised indeed a he Berlin steak, but this steak comes first.

Hard Facts: 300 grams rump steak, cast-iron pan, asparagus (in season)

It gets from me a steak marinated in Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce, salt and pepper Block House steak.

As a subsequent dip you can use the Sweet Baby Ray’s also exactly like the original HP or HP Sauce Honey Woodsmoke Sauce.

All Steak-Saucen/Marinaden have a smoky, fruity aroma. The HP The original sauce is also slightly sweet and sour, which fits wonderfully strong meat.

The steak is 2-3 hours in its marinade. Instead of a grill pan, this time I use a heavy iron, inside smooth pan. The fat edge of the rump steak is cut into each one centimeter wide intervals – Thereby we avoid the waves of the steaks and all reached the same temperature. Thus the piece of steak at all points is equal to all. Weiterlesen

Chinese sour soup

The Chinese and sour soup is HOT in the classic Chinese, not only to the right around the corner. Here I give you a recipe, as everyone can at home, a Chinese-HOT-sour soup, myself.

– It’s easy —

My girlfriend grew up with Chinese food the other day and has a sharp and sour Chinese soup itself gemacht.Auf demand for a „family recipe“ we received the following recipe for a Chinese and sour soup as a starter and Scharf (of course now tried several times): Weiterlesen

Beef steak

That now is not just Hamburg-typical but as I Steak meat, preparation and consumption of the steaks have made here in Hamburg, it falls into the category of Hamburg. A Berlin steak, he is there next time

A beef steak (beef steak) can be in many different ways with different cuts of meat and variety of recipes s prepared. Luke would probably eat more meat and preparation of the Argentine version. So steak in the pan, salt, pepper, finished.

I once tried the U.S. version, marinated with homemade BBQ. The marinade tastes slightly smoky, fruity, slightly spicy and is known to have been leaning BBQ sauces () 1A for example.

Marinade ingredients: tomato paste, sweet soy sauce, salt, white pepper, honey, sugar, ketchup, mild paprika powder, garlic, curry and a little bit of lemon.

The beef steaks were placed in the stirred marinade for 2-3 hours and then landed in a classic grill pan. 3-4 minutes on each side at high (do not have maximum heat), followed by rest made the perfect steak. Super Röststreifen outside innenschön pink.

Potato wedges (country potatoes or baked potatoes) to do so. Wash potatoes properly, in 4 or 6 wedges with paprika powder, rosemary, salt and olive oil in durchgaren Open less than 200 degrees about 30 minutes. The columns here 1-2 times a contact in the oil, so they are crispy at all and all. Weiterlesen

Paella pan – Preparation

The traditional Paella originated in Spain, there are well over 100 different forms of preparation. Paella is prepared (typically in the paella pan image: paella pan). The Spaniards use large, heavy in some iron (steel) to cook paella pans for their paella. In a paella pan for two people at the table can be served in a large family, or saturate, depending on the scope and size of Pella, the paella pan.

The paella will be served throughout Spain, although Spanish cuisine is actually dominated region. So are the more than 100 different paella dishes to explain. The most famous dish is the Paella Valencia paella (Paella Valenciana).

Paella is a main ingredient in all recipes n rice. Saffron is also almost always part of a paella. He gives paella their typical bright, orange-yellow color and makes the most delicious paella (which it is also yours). Weiterlesen