Paella pan – Preparation

The traditional Paella originated in Spain, there are well over 100 different forms of preparation. Paella is prepared (typically in the paella pan image: paella pan). The Spaniards use large, heavy in some iron (steel) to cook paella pans for their paella. In a paella pan for two people at the table can be served in a large family, or saturate, depending on the scope and size of Pella, the paella pan.

The paella will be served throughout Spain, although Spanish cuisine is actually dominated region. So are the more than 100 different paella dishes to explain. The most famous dish is the Paella Valencia paella (Paella Valenciana).

Paella is a main ingredient in all recipes n rice. Saffron is also almost always part of a paella. He gives paella their typical bright, orange-yellow color and makes the most delicious paella (which it is also yours).

Besides the rice, various meats such as pork ribs, fried chicken or rabbit and used in a paella. Snails, shrimp (Gambone, crayfish) and fish is often found in paella – depending on the region do not here the ingredients of paella.

As a vegetable you can find schmackahfte tomatoes that are rubbed into the paella and garlic into pieces. Red grilled peppers (skin removed) can be found as well in a typical paella pan. Often, the pepper strips (shown at the top of the paella to not because they are only decoration of the paella, but because the pan is stirred not from a certain point of preparation). There are also several varieties of beans (Grühn beans) white beans, which are in Spain in all supermarkets (Mercadona, are found Supermercados) to.

Special paella dishes

Paella Valenciana, Paella and Arroz negro marisco are the most famous paella recipes. While valenciana paella is cooked with meat as one of the main components, contains the marisco many seafood paella. Paella marisco is typically offered in coastal areas with fresh seafood and fish. The arroz negro – the sschwarze rice is often offered on the coast and consists of rice with squid and shrimp and squid color) pieces (.

Paella Recipe

1. The preparation of a paella starts with the heating of olive oil in a large paella pan. The selected seafood (shrimp, Tintentfisch, etc.) will be there shortly angefraten. After you remove the pieces from the frying pan and keep them in a saucepan. In the same pan, the bite-sized pieces of meat (chicken, pork ribs or rabbits) are heavily browned on all sides until they are almost even (10 minutes).

2. In the same pan, the vegetables are added now. Chopped tomatoes (cubed or grated, without skin), whole cloves of garlic, red pepper strips and the beans are mixed into the meat. Everything together is now simmered 10 minutes in the open paella pan.

3. For the meat and the vegetables now comes broth (including paella spice mix, or alternatively own spices like saffron, salt, pepper, curry) and rice. The ratio of rice in broth about 1 to 3 should be. Thus, the rice can absorb the liquid and the whole paella pan will become a real court. Traditionally, no water should, therefore no longer be broth in the pan, if the paella is finished.

4. The paella should draw after cooking a few minutes. Before serving, poured over the paella is still squeezed, fresh lemon juice, which missed the court despite his hearty ingredients to make a fresh touch and lightness.




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