Beef steak

That now is not just Hamburg-typical but as I Steak meat, preparation and consumption of the steaks have made here in Hamburg, it falls into the category of Hamburg. A Berlin steak, he is there next time

A beef steak (beef steak) can be in many different ways with different cuts of meat and variety of recipes s prepared. Luke would probably eat more meat and preparation of the Argentine version. So steak in the pan, salt, pepper, finished.

I once tried the U.S. version, marinated with homemade BBQ. The marinade tastes slightly smoky, fruity, slightly spicy and is known to have been leaning BBQ sauces () 1A for example.

Marinade ingredients: tomato paste, sweet soy sauce, salt, white pepper, honey, sugar, ketchup, mild paprika powder, garlic, curry and a little bit of lemon.

The beef steaks were placed in the stirred marinade for 2-3 hours and then landed in a classic grill pan. 3-4 minutes on each side at high (do not have maximum heat), followed by rest made the perfect steak. Super Röststreifen outside innenschön pink.

Potato wedges (country potatoes or baked potatoes) to do so. Wash potatoes properly, in 4 or 6 wedges with paprika powder, rosemary, salt and olive oil in durchgaren Open less than 200 degrees about 30 minutes. The columns here 1-2 times a contact in the oil, so they are crispy at all and all. Weiterlesen