Paella pan – Preparation

The traditional Paella originated in Spain, there are well over 100 different forms of preparation. Paella is prepared (typically in the paella pan image: paella pan). The Spaniards use large, heavy in some iron (steel) to cook paella pans for their paella. In a paella pan for two people at the table can be served in a large family, or saturate, depending on the scope and size of Pella, the paella pan.

The paella will be served throughout Spain, although Spanish cuisine is actually dominated region. So are the more than 100 different paella dishes to explain. The most famous dish is the Paella Valencia paella (Paella Valenciana).

Paella is a main ingredient in all recipes n rice. Saffron is also almost always part of a paella. He gives paella their typical bright, orange-yellow color and makes the most delicious paella (which it is also yours). Weiterlesen